DEEG.CO | Singapore Government urges companies to go through “Creative Destruction” (Feb 2016)

It is important for you to keep inventing and reinventing your competitive edge to stay relevant in today’s markets.

“BUSINESSES should sit up and take a good, hard look at the “disruption” coming to their industries – or risk becoming obsolete and having no part to play in Singapore’s future economy.

It’s a message that’s getting some […]

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DEEG.CO | Make Your Website Mobile Friendly or Lose Traffic – Analyse It!

In early 2015, Google announced a new algorithm for their search due to the increase of mobile traffic, and has urged websites to adopt better content structure and mobile responsive layouts to meet this demand.

To find out how mobile friendly is your website, do use this tool to analyse quickly.

Feel free to talk to us […]

2016 Trends on Digital Marketing (from CMO.com)

Marketers naturally want consumers to welcome our ads, but in order for that to happen, we need to unlock the full potential of Mobile. However, in 2016, it is becoming an increasingly uphill task with the saturation of digital marketing – think about ad blocking and everybody jumping into content marketing – the Marketer must […]

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