Do you know if your contact list is in good health? How many email addresses are still valid? Who is still responding to your direct marketing campaigns?

Having a up-to-date list of contacts that is ready to use is such an important ammunition for any marketer – be it you are part of a company or (especially) if you are promoting your small business. Email marketing is still one of the most effective and affordable methods to get your marketing message out there, drive conversions and keep tabs of your strategies.

However, without a healthy mailing list, it is as good as throwing your dollars into the drain (no, we are not encouraging pollution, we are DEEG respect the enviroment deeply! ;)). A healthy mailing list is just the beginning of strategising with email and other means of direct marketing (such as via SMS, instant messaging and direct mailers too). Without an effective mailing list that is well-received, there is very little reason to focus on this channel.

At DEEG, we have a custom-built system that enables the management of your contacts mailing list, clean, mine and study the data and from there, we’ll help you strategise the improvement of your direct marketing efforts.

Drop us a line, tell us about the target audience you want to reach, we will help you get them.